‘Halloween Kills’ stars politicize horror franchise, cited Jan. 6, Riot

“Halloween Kills” isn’t the first movie to have its release date changed due to the pandemic.

It may not be the last.

The shift of the sequel, from its 2020 release to this weekend, complicates one of the factors arising from the film’s publicity campaign.

He dubbed it the Trump blame agenda.

Actors and directors alike credit President Donald Trump in some of their stories during his presidency. It wasn’t supposed to be fun, and it didn’t end despite Trump leaving the White House in January.

The “Squid Game” creator told reporters that he created the smash show in part as a In response to Trump’s rise.

Now, two actresses from the movie “Halloween Kills” are taking a similar approach.

Jamie Lee Curtis, the lovable girl on the series “Final Girl” and the perpetual thorn at Michael Myers’ side, says the 2018 reboot ushered in the #MeToo movement. The film’s release came after the downfall of Hollywood mega-producer Harvey Weinstein, and in the third act featured three generations of women fighting Michael Myers to the death.

By contrast, “Halloween Kills” deals with january 6 riots, According to Curtis.

“We just saw in America crowds descending on January 6th, strangled, stun guns, and members of Congress in the building,” she continued. “And we all saw it on TV.”

She doesn’t tell The whole truth about the weapons used During the aforementioned riots, something was revealed by Byron York earlier this week.

Plus, the movie was shot and ready for audiences last year, months before Trump supporters arrived at the Capitol, angry at the election results.

It’s possible that star Judy Greer has heard about Curtis’ comments, or that the January 6th thread is part of the marketing team’s talking points. Either way, Greer also mentioned the event while talking about the film.

“We made the movie at the end of 2019, and it was supposed to be released in 2020, and we were pressed by the pandemic,” she said. Then riots broke out in the capital of our nation! We didn’t know this was happening when we made this movie about the mob mentality and what happens when you become part of the mob mentality. It’s crazy that this should be the case.”

At least Greer concedes the obvious, that the film is in no way connected to the riots in the capital.

But what she and Curtis ignore is the same thing Hollywood ignores, to reject or cheers on last year. The extended riots in the Black Spirits and Antifa did much more damage than the January 6 riots. Wrapped “Halloween Kills” in front of these riots as well, which caused millions of dollars in damage and destroyed many uncollectible businesses.

The BLM / Antifa riots also had The largest body number. The only person to die on January 6 was a Trump supporter who was shot and killed by a police officer.

Hollywood, like the mainstream media, is still obsessed with the so-called “rebellion” of January 6. Late night hosts talked about it for months. A new HBO documentary on the topic is dropping this month.

Curtis’ comments related to January 6 seem more related to the 2020 riots than anything that happened in the capital

Curtis described the new film as a “gang down together” story, made up of people who would “take matters into their own hands.”

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