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Guide to Capital One Airport Lounges

Capital One has been killing it recently on the travel front. Capital One recently Improved mileage transfer ratios for most partners to 1:1Today, I just announce Presented by Capital One Venture XThis is a great new premium credit card.

These aren’t the only exciting developments, as Capital One today opened its first airport lounge. With that, we also found out what access requirements the Capital One lounges will have going forward. Let’s review everything we know about the new airport lounges at Capital One.

Why open Capital One airport lounges?

Lounge access has become a common feature of premium credit cards. Premium credit cards historically offered Priority Pass membership, giving access to a wide range of lounges. However, some card issuers have taken this to the next level, with credit card branded lounges.

American Express is best known for its network of Centurion lounges. Chase will also soon be launching a lounge game, with the introduction of Chase Sapphire Lounges. And Capital One is now opening airport lounges too, coinciding with the card issuer’s introduction of a great new premium credit card.

Venture X is the new premium credit card from Capital One

What airports get Capital One lounges?

Capital One has confirmed its plans to open lounges at three airports, with the first of three lounges to open as of today. I expect that over time many airports will have lounges, but here are the key details of all three Capital One lounges that have been announced so far.

Capital One Lounge Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW)

Capital One Lounge Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) has opened its doors effective today (November 4, 2021). The 10,000 square foot lounge is located in Building D near Gate 22.

Denver Capital One Airport (DEN)

The Capital One Lounge at Denver Airport (DEN) will open in 2022. The 11,200 square foot lounge will be located in Concourse A on the mezzanine floor.

Capital One Lounge at Washington Dulles Airport (IAD)

The Capital One Lounge Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) will open in mid-2022. The 9,100 square foot lounge will be located near the security checkpoint (so not near any gates).

What do Capital One lounges look like?

While I haven’t had a chance to check out the new Capital One DFW lounge, it looks great. God Save The Points wrote a great review for the prayerAnd it looks exceptionally good. Among other things, here’s what you can expect from Capital One Lounge DFW:

  • A selection of fast food, including sandwiches, salads, fruit, snacks and more
  • A proper in-lounge dining experience, with menus curated by local chefs, and healthy selections made with regionally sourced ingredients
  • Excellent selection of drinks, including local beers, regional wines, handcrafted cocktails, cold brew on tap and a full espresso bar
  • Cycling and yoga room with peloton bikes and resistance bands
  • Bathing suites with towels and toiletries
  • Relaxation rooms with blankets, eye covers and earplugs
  • Semi-private work areas with outlets in every seat

Here are some images generously shared by God Save The Points, but check it out Check out his full review of the lounge.

Capital One Lounge Buffet & Sessions
DFW Seats at Capital One
Capital One Lounge DFW Come and go for food
Capital One Lounge DFW cold drink on tap
DFW Capital One Lounge Workout Room

Who can access the Capital One lounges?

So far, one of the main questions has been who has access to Capital One’s lounges, given that Capital One has historically not had superlative credit cards. The following people can access the Capital One lounges:

  • Venture X Cardholders get unlimited access to Capital One lounges, they can take two guests with them for free, and they can bring additional guests with them for $45 each; Keep in mind that authorized users can be added to the card for free, and get the same benefits as entering the lounge
  • adventurer And Spark Miles Cardholders receive two free visits per year, with no free guest privileges; Additional guests, plus additional visits, cost $45 each
  • Children under the age of two can enter the Capital One lounges for free
  • All others can enter the Capital One lounges for $65 per visit
  • Although Capital One Lounges is operated in partnership with Plaza Premium Group, it cannot be accessed through other credit cards or lounge membership programs.

Getting Capital One Venture X to get into the lounge can be worth it. The card charges $395 a year, but it does offer an annual travel credit of $300 and an additional 10,000 annual miles each year, so owning the card should cost you very little if you’re doing it right. Moreover, you will be able to add four authorized users to the card at no additional cost, and they will get the same benefits of entering the lounge.

What is my opinion of Capital One Lounge?

I am very impressed with what Capital One is doing in airport lounges, and it is particularly exciting to see the timing coincide with the introduction of the new Capital One Venture X, which no doubt many of us are excited to apply for. Here are some initial thoughts:

  • Admittedly, it will take some time for Capital One to build a network of lounges, so this could be very useful for those outside of an airport with a lounge, while it would be less useful for others.
  • With Capital One Venture X being completely new, we can hope that the Capital One lounges will not be crowded for some time, as it will take Capital One some time to build up their card member base.
  • Capital One does something unique here, offering amenities we haven’t seen from other lounges, and I love that; From cold brew and espresso, to eat-and-go, to Peloton bikes, Capital One has put a lot of thought into these lounges.


Capital One enters the airport lounge game, which coincides with the introduction of the new Capital One Venture X. Capital One Lounge DFW has just opened, and we can expect lounges to open in DEN and IAD in 2022. These lounges look thoughtfully designed and have some great amenities you won’t find in other lounges, from a selection of fast food, to cold brew, to the exercise room.

I can’t wait to check out the Capital One lounge myself sometime soon.

What do you think of the new Capital One lounges at airports? Will you get a Venture X card?

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