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(CBS Detroit) An investment could soon approach the corner of Hubbell and Chalfonte on Detroit’s west side.

“The story of Cooley High doesn’t have to end,” said Chris Lambert, CEO and founder of Life Remodeled.

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What was once the home of the Cardinals, can be back as a community center.

“This is a terrible thing,” said Bishop Charles Ellis of Great Grace Temple.

“Don’t take it for granted. This does not happen every day. And that doesn’t happen until every decade, Ellis explained.

Life Remodeled is a Detroit-based nonprofit organization known for repurposing vacant schools.

The group proposes to purchase and convert Cooley High into a center for children and families to enjoy social, educational, sports and economic programs.

I want you guys to give me a chance to beautify or renovate the six acres behind the school. “I’d like to put a football field back in there,” said Leonel Dalton, a Colle High alumnus and Super Bowl champion.

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The group transformed four schools in Detroit and invested $38.5 million in local communities through home repairs and beauty projects.

Life Remodeled plans to provide $400,000 to Detroit Public Schools for its Cooley High building.

“A holistic approach, we’re here to make a difference,” said Stockar McDougle, project partner and former Detroit Lions player.

“We are here to bring in resources. We are here to do the things I wish I had had someone to do for me when I was young.”

A decision on the future of the school will be made in the first quarter of 2022.

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