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One of the great themes of the web these days is harmony, which leads to unwavering work. In doing so, a number of errors may occur. Instead of providing common errors, you’d better provide information about the error. OfAggregateError Error allows developers to throw multiple errors in a single. Error. Let’s see how it works.

To throw an error that represents multiple errors, let’s use “” “” “” “”.AggregateError:

const error = new AggregateError([
  new Error('ERROR_11112'),
  new TypeError('First name must be a string'),
  new RangeError('Transaction value must be at least 1'),
  new URIError('User profile link must be https'),
], 'Transaction cannot be processed')

Throwing a “”AggregateError You get the following information:

error instanceof AggregateError // true // 'AggregateError'
error.message // 'Transaction cannot be processed'
error.errors // The array of errors

Of AggregateError Incredibly useful when verifying multiple sets of data, instead of throwing one error at a time, grouping them into one is ideal! AggregateError a would be really useful. Promise.any Situational communication, informative errors FTW!

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Monitor website performance
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