Green List: Canada, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland and the Azores have been added

Canada, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Azores are all added to green list In the latest government update of the international traffic light system travel.

The move will mean that all arrivals from these destinations can avoid being quarantined when entering the UK, regardless of their vaccination status.

Instead, they must take a single Covid PCR test within two days of their arrival, as well as submit a negative lateral flow before leaving for the UK.

The changes will take effect at 4 a.m. on August 30.

It remains to be confirmed whether Wales and Northern Ireland will adopt the same changes, but Scotland has already announced that it will reverse the changes in England.

“A decision on all classification changes has been made by ministers, based on the latest data and analysis by the Joint Biosecurity Center (JBC) and broader public health considerations, to help the public understand the risks to UK public health from travel coming from destinations different,” according to a statement issued by the Department of Transport (DfT).

While there is relief that major destinations, including some Caribbean islands and Morocco, have gotten away with “red listAirlines and holiday companies are upset that restrictions have not been relaxed more broadly.

Within minutes, travel industry leaders attacked the limited relaxation of the rules.

Sean Doyle, Chairman and CEO of British Airways, said: “Despite a world-leading vaccination programme, the UK’s economic recovery is still far from our more realistic European neighbours, who are already reaping the fruits of a rapid recovery.

“We have a more expensive, restrictive and restrictive testing system than anyone else. We also need to urgently end the uncertainty caused by changes in the status of countries’ traffic lights. Our “green” list is much smaller than that of the United States and the European Union, Although there are no new variants being ported to the UK.”

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