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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash China?

How you wash and care for your dinnerware depends on how it shines. Your best bet is to consult a manufacturer, most of whom have a detailed offer of care guides.

Most porcelain, china, and stoneware dishwashers and microwaves are safe, but you’ll want to check the bottom of each dinnerware. For example, a porcelain dish is usually microwave safe, but if your pattern contains metal, you may want to avoid putting it in the microwave. And even if a piece says the dishwasher is safe, you’ll want to use some detergent (Wadewood has some recommendations). If you are washing your hands, use warm water, dish soap and avoid any abrasive materials.

What is the best way to store China?

When it comes to storing and stacking pieces, it’s best to have a handkerchief or cloth between each item to avoid scratches. With these simple care tips, your food supplies will likely last for years to come.

How many pieces of food do I need?

You will find that you can buy dinnerware as open stock, by location, or in sets with two to 12 people. “I always advise people to have dinner for at least 10 days. [people] “In addition to a selection of platters, trays or serving pieces,” Whitmore said, “you can combine pieces to match an integrated shape.”

Brands can vary depending on what setting they include in their space setting or set. If you’re shopping for dinnerware for a regular dinner, make sure the venue setting includes “dinner plate, salad plate, a cup of tea and saucer and dessert plate”.

Which style of dinner should I buy?

The style of dinnerware depends on your personal aesthetics and what you plan on using your dinnerware. If it is for everyday use, you can play with different colors and patterns. If you are looking for dinnerware for a regular table setting, it is best to keep it simple.

“I always recommend a classic white set with a little extra detail, like a fine scalp edge or a beaded trim,” Whitmore said. “You can use it all year round and change the colors of table linen, flowers and decorations to combine color schemes with holidays and occasions.”

Where can I buy a replacement for a broken chain?

If you find a broken or damaged dinnerware item when you first buy it, most companies will replace the product for free. If you want to replace a broken item with your collection, check if the brand offers a replacement program. If you register your dinnerware, brands like Linux and Noritech offer free programs at a discounted price or as long as the items are still actively sold. You can also check out Replacement Ltd., the world’s largest retailer of dinnerware (with over 425,000 samples) to find alternatives.

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