Gray Goose prefers SEO, QR codes and subsequent stroke marketing experiences

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Gray Goose prefers SEO, QR codes and subsequent stroke marketing experiences

With the increase in cocaine vaccines and lockdown lifting, many consumers are looking to recharge this summer, according to Markton de Drewell, vice president, global marketing for Bakardi’s Gray Goose Vodka brand. The tapes of Gray Goose’s new “Smooth Something Yourself” campaign fall into this emotion, pointing to the brand’s connection to nature. In fact, most of the marketing is going on for both the core product and the recently released Gray Goose Essence flavor-inspired vodka.

But while the brand, like consumers, is reluctant to accept a return to normalcy, Gray Goose is not abandoning the axis that helped it through epidemics. “The basic form of this brand is nature,” says de Drewell, who explains the origins of only two basic vodka ingredients: wheat (“the best wheat you can buy from Picardy”) and water (naturally). Limestone in the Congo region of France. He says the brand is using nature as a way to connect emotionally with its audience through experiments.

For example: Campaign advertising and associated digital assets do not dictate the quality and purity of components or manufacturing processes. Instead, he shows a man who, when he is sitting down to enjoy a cocktail, gets out of his chair and stands on the sidewalk in the best view of a picture. “The purpose is not to present nature, but to show how smooth the gray goose experience can make you feel,” de Dryel explained.

Tributes to the joys of nature were also key to the Spring Gray Goose Essence launch. The campaign focused on a woman wrapped in a beautiful woman’s storms and avalanches of flower petals and leaves. Platinum-selling singer / songwriter SZA, whose values ​​and love of nature paired the campaign, served as a creative consultant.

Beyond advertising and digital creativity, Gray Goose and SZA participated in a live virtual concert scheduled for July 1, called “Bloom”, to be a high-tech, multi-sensory experience where SZDA will be their upcoming Sophomore will start the music from the album. , Appropriately titled “Sophomore”. Those who register on the Gray Goose site to experience the Stream event will receive a discount code for the Gray Goose Essence Cocktail.

In general, cocktail kits have allowed gray goose to compensate for failure to produce experimental activity during infectious diseases. For example, when the 2020 US Open tennis tournament banned participants, the longtime sponsor sold a limited edition kit online in partnership with Source Craft Cocktails so that home-watching fans could still sign up. Enjoy the Honey Davis cocktail sold by Gray Goose. During the event’s annual holiday season, Gray Goose added a modern update to the mix of Christmas sweaters, which sold a limited edition cartoon kit that included a sweatshirt with a special design by streetwear designer Anwar Gajar. ۔

Presenting these kits exclusively online was part of Gray Goose’s growing emphasis on digital over the past 18 months. “It was important for us to really improve our digital ecosystem. This includes ensuring that its partners provide a consistent brand experience and improve its search. Gray Goose.” Google’s search for cocktail recipes has increased in the past year, with the brand’s SEO traffic increasing by almost 100% as a result of efforts to improve.

Continuing to improve search is one of the first marketing tactics he has to keep an eye on. Improving conversions is another thing: “We’re taking the opportunity to take a much better approach to our media so that responses can be purchased, whether it’s search, social, TV.” The third is the QR code. ۔ He emphasizes that the QR codes on the back of the Gray Goose Essence label, for example, enable “storytelling and depth of information” near the point of purchase.

That’s not to say Gray Goose is turning a blind eye to what has happened to the previous epidemic. He says TV will continue to play a key role and “experimental will play a role, bigger than the last two or three years.” “In the world of luxury, experimentation plays an important role in playing emotionally.”

An example of the brand’s experimental activities: Smog Pit mini golf events in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver this summer. Adults can make tea time for nine golf holes on the pop-up course and sip the gray goose cockle. Activation allows participants to enjoy the scent outside while COVID-19 also takes care of restrictions and concerns. “We have to take things very seriously but they have to stay alive,” he says. “We’re working on how we want to bring people together.”

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