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GrandPad Tablet Review: Video calls, music and more for older people.

We are worried Contacting my mother-in-law for months during the lockdown. Like many older people, she still relied on landline phones. When she doesn’t wake up, my wife wonders if she’s out, can’t hear the phone, or can’t answer. And when he picked it up, we would still wonder if he was really okay.

She was a professional musician before retiring and can still play an inspiring tune on Viola, but she lacks confidence in technology. She has a cell phone, but most of the time she insists on turning it off, despite our protests that it is useless.

We’ve been trying to set it up with Skype for years, to no avail, and we’ve spent hours trying to speed it up on the WhatsApp – just to find out that she forgot her Wi-Fi password. And not online for months. Nothing worked until the grand pad, a walled garden tablet for the elderly.

Designed for the elderly.

Photo: Grand Pad

“Smartphones are designed for 30-year-olds,” said Scott Lane, CEO and co-founder of GrandPad. “From the beginning, we started designing a product that is 80 years old.”

Lane started the company because his elderly mother struggled to use a smartphone and computer. He hired consultants in his eighties and nineties to learn what they wanted from a device and to identify common usage issues.

The GrandPad is an Acer tablet that runs the most customized version of Android. The spring is of history. It’s about the size of an Apple iPad mini, with an 8-inch screen, HD pixel resolution, Qualcomm 625 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage for apps and files. Both front and rear cameras are 5 megapixels.

The tablet comes as part of a monthly subscription that costs a whopping $ 79 a month or 69 696 a year, but it’s a complete package. There’s 4G LTE connectivity out of the box, so no need to worry about Wi-Fi passwords, and it offers ad-free music streaming – with access to over 30 million tracks (provided by 7Digital) ) Radio station, “secure” web browsing, unlimited photo and video storage, and a library of games and puzzles including solitaire, sudoku, poker and crosswords. If the GrandPad is ever damaged or lost, you’ll find a replacement device.

The tablet rests on a wireless charging cradle with a long power cable that is permanently attached. My mother put it on the table in her room. The screen comes to life automatically when she opens the folding cover, so she doesn’t have to worry about turning it on or off, and she’s used to using it quickly on the charging stand after use to keep the battery up. Fell down The large screen and simple interface make it much easier to use than your phone.

The front speakers are not only louder, they are more frequent, making it easier for the deaf to hear. The interface has expanded icons with the text clearly labeled everything, and below the contacts are images with images. 24/7 support is also available with a real person who talks through issues and provides remote tech support when needed.

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