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Nicolas Cage His wife, Rikuo Shibata, made a stunning pair on the red carpet in a rare appearance in 2021 GQ ‘Men of the Year’ party in West Hollywood on Thursday night. The newlyweds enjoy the blessing of marriage After lifting their romance into quarantine and eloping in Las Vegas in February.

They looked happily in love as Cage kept his classic look by wearing a black suit with gray fedora accessories. Shibata honors her Japanese heritage with a beautiful floral kimono with the geta sandal, the traditional dress shoes. She looked at her husband with fondness throughout their time on the red carpet, so it seems that married life suits them well.

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Nicolas Cage and Rico Shibata
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Of course, there are critics who raise their eyebrows at The age difference between Cage and Shibata is 31 yearsEspecially since this is the artist’s fifth marriage. But that won’t stop remove the face A star because he was in love and the global lockdown during the pandemic was not going to stop their relationship. “I left New York, came back to Kyoto, Japan, and went back to Nevada,” he explained of his brother, Mark the Coppola Coppola, Q104.3 Radio Show. “I haven’t seen her in six months and we’re really happy together and we’re really excited to be spending this time together, so I finally said ‘I want to marry you’ and we engaged to FaceTime.”

Since the cage Don’t do anything traditional, revealed that he gave her a “black diamond engagement ring” and “sent it to her FedEx”. This doesn’t seem to bother Shibata a bit since she is now spending forever with him now that they are in the same country as husband and wife.

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