Governor Cathy Hochhol touting pandemic recovery plans in Woodbury speech

Governor Cathy Hochhol on Friday told hundreds of Woodbury business leaders that she would support the pandemic recovery with infrastructure funding and tax incentives that would show “Long Island is back.”

Hochul has promoted elements of its proposed $216.3 billion budget that will provide funding for roads, affordable housing, the Long Island Railroad, and water quality improvements.

About 300 people in person and another 400 hypothetical to Hochul’s notes attended the Long Island Association’s State of the Area Breakfast at Crest Hollow Country Club.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Billon, a Democrat, and Nassau County Republican Bruce Blackman attended, along with members of the Long Island State Senate delegation and several municipal leaders.

Hochul, a Democrat who is seeking her first term in office this year, spoke of promoting aid to small businesses and local school districts, along with institutions like Stony Brook University, “to make that a major organization that will attract people from around the world who say, that is Where the smartest people go.”

And she continued, “And what we’re doing here on Long Island, with business leaders like all of you, we’re going to send a message — yes, not only is Long Island back, it’s showing the nation that New York State is back. You may have led us so hard through this pandemic, but we’re back. stronger than ever.”

In their statements, Bellon and Blackman called for a compromise on partisanship.

“Compromise can’t be a dirty word,” Belloni said. “Indeed it is the essential ingredient for progress in democracy.”

Blackman, who has opposed Hochul’s mandate that masks be worn indoors in schools amid the pandemic, joked about Hochul’s note at breakfast that she would give him what he wanted if he wore a mask.

“I heard it: She said if I wear a mask I can get what I want,” Blackman said.

“Governor, if you give Nassau County $5 billion, I’ll wear a tight jacket and a muzzle if that suits you,” Blackman said.


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