Gosser says Trump was called in for support after condemning the video of the AOC attack.

  • Rep. Paul Gosser said Trump called him to offer support after he was officially reprimanded by Congress.
  • Gosser was reprimanded for a video in which he attacked the Democrats in a cartoon version of himself.
  • Democrats say the tweet was intended to incite violence, but Gosser says it was misinterpreted.

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Rep. Paul Gosser said former President Donald Trump called him to offer his support after the House condemned a modified anime video showing him attacking Democrats.

“My entire Republican conference was united in my support and voted against this political stunt. I am incredibly grateful to Leader McCarthy and everyone who stood by me,” Gosser wrote in his weekly newsletter. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.

“After the vote, President Trump called me to personally thank me for standing up for America’s First Agenda.”

He also spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

The Democratic-controlled House voted last week to condemn Gosser and tweeted an edited video of an anime cartoon in which he attacked progressive MP Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and President Joe Biden with swords.

Democrats said the clip was intended to incite violence, but Gosser did not show much remorse, claiming that he was trying to make a metaphorical point about immigration.

Gosher is a longtime Congress ally of Trump. Last week, the former president offered his support to Gosser in a statement, saying his “full and complete endorsement!” A few hours after the censor vote.

“I thank President Trump for this honor,” Gosser said in a statement.

Trump has been close to the far-right allies of the GOP, such as Gosser, as he spreads rumors of another bid for office in 2024.

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