Google’s Word Planner Toolbug does not display any data.

In the last 24 hours or so, Google AdWords has broken Google’s Word Planner tool. It is giving people errors and showing “no data” answers.

This error indicates “Something went wrong – please try again.” It has been running for about 24 hours and trying again does not work.

Please note, many people are saying that exporting data works, although it does not display any data on the screen.

Here is one of the many screen shots I saw on Twitter:

Click for full size.

Jenny Marvin from Google is currently on vacation but she replied that she will spend it with him:

Looks like you can export data even if it’s not displayed – but I’m not sure it works for everyone.

None of the complaints in the last 24 hours, all are as follows:

Some are now saying it works? Does it work for you?

Discussion on the forum. Twitter.

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