Google’s latest stunning Pixel wallpaper collection celebrates people with disabilities in our lives.

Now available for Pixel 3 and later.


When it comes to wallpapers, Google has been doing nothing less than nailing it lately, and we’re not even talking about the beautiful magic that is Material You. Pixel phones have access to a stunning range of exclusive wallpapers, and today we take a look at the latest set, as Google shares some of the most colorful designs that celebrate World Disability Day.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen Google publish some great, socially aware wallpaper collections, including Spanish Heritage Month, Mental Health Awareness Day, and more recently National Native American Heritage Month. Seats have been issued in honor of We can now add three new designs created by First Nations artist Dana Kearley.

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Of course, Google’s efforts to embrace people with disabilities go far beyond some awareness-raising wallpapers, and the company continues to inspire us with some powerful software tools that help level the playing field for everyone. Do Earlier this week, for example, we noticed that Chrome’s automated image captioning system has expanded to support a bunch of new languages.

You can see it all for yourself in the Curved Culture section of Google’s Wallpaper app on Pixel phones.

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