Google’s constant scroll search console does not affect reports.

As you know, Google is constantly scrolling through mobile search. Truth be told, in my original reporting on this topic, I’ve covered a picture of both Search Console and Google Ads reporting – noting that the change in user behavior has no direct effect. But it seems that some are still asking how this change affects performance reports in the search console.

They don’t really affect them, that’s what my original reporting was about:

John Mرller from Google added:


Here’s a recent tweet from John on this:

And he also talked about it in his recent video hangout at the 46:57 mark where he said:

But basically, on our own, we’re still loading search results into groups of 10. And as the user scrolls down the page, we dynamically load the next set of 10 results there. And when that set of 10 results loads, it counts as an impression. So that basically means scrolling down like this, and you’ll start to see page two of the search results, which we’ll see, well, now it’s page two.

And now there are impressions, like if someone clicks directly on page two in the links. So from that point of view, there really isn’t much change.

What I think will change a little bit is that users will probably scroll a little easier to page two, page three or four. And based on that, the number of impressions a website gets in search results will probably increase slightly. I don’t think it would be like a drastic change, but it would probably be more likely that if you were ranking on page two, then suddenly your site gets a lot of impressions just because the page Two is easy to reach. Search results and I doubt the number of clicks will remain the same, as people will scroll up and down and see the results on a page. And they will click on one of them. So maybe the impressions will go up a bit. Clicks stay the same. This means that your click-through rate goes down a bit. And if you’re totally focusing on click-through rates for SEO, I suspect it’s going to be a bit of a sort– I don’t know– weird situation, because it’s hard to determine , Click-through rate drop because this page was shown in this continuous scroll environment? Or did it fall because users saw it, but they didn’t like to click on it too much? So I think it’s difficult there. One thing that, I don’t know, helps a little bit. I think we do this constant scrolling only for the first four pages. And then you load more or click on the next page type. I don’t know what to call it. So it’s not something you’ll see if you were ranking on page five or six, at least not now.

Here is the video:

So there has been no change in live reporting because page two is still page two. But if searchers scroll more and click on page two results, your CTR may change. Probably…

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