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Create attractive, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device

Google Web Designer is a state-of-the-art web application built into HTML5 that lets you design and create HTML5 ads and other web content using an integrated visual and code interface. Using Google Web Designer’s Design View, you can create content using drawing tools, text and 3D objects, and you can animate objects on a timeline. Once you’ve created your content, Google Web Designer clears human readable HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

When you create ad creations with Google Web Designer, you can use a library of components that allow you to add image galleries, videos, ad network tools, and more.

Google Web Designer Code View lets you highlight syntax and create CSS, JavaScript, and XML files using automated code to make it easier to write your code with fewer errors. ۔

New features in version

3D editor
Edit 3D assets directly with the new 3D model viewing component in Google 3D Designer.

  • Edit the content in your GLB file.
  • Customize lighting, camera view and hotspot while viewing the model.

Easy mode
We are offering a new way to use templates.

  • Select Templates lets you create an ad in easy mode, create an easy interface for exchanging assets, editing text, and changing colors.
  • You can convert any document to standard format for editing full features.

Acceptable attributes
You can now replace attributes other than CSS styling for specific document size or size limits.

  • Media rules may include overrides for image sources, text content and text fitting settings and component features.

SVG filters
Add special effects to SVG elements.

  • Apply filters such as Blur, Drop Shadow, Splash, and more.
  • You can convert text elements within Google Web Designer to SVG to use the same effects on text.

Template gallery redesigned
Browse the templates in the new version of the Template Gallery.

  • See more settings on the same screen.
  • Detailed thumbnails let you see what each template with assets looks like, for example.

Other notable changes in version

  • The ad validator displays a warning if an exit event is detected in Google AdWords Creative.
  • Create JS Code View in File> Add to JS Library menu.
  • The “Qcards” template is named “Qcards”.
  • Dynamic advertising templates now include additional sample data for testing branded assets.
  • The “Unpacking groups” option has been removed from the Publish Settings dialog.
  • Swipable gallery component displays multiple animated items in Stage View. [full release notes]

Download: Google Web Designer | 1.0 MB (freeware)
Links: Google Web Designer Website | Screenshot

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