Google warns against using too many internal links

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Google warns against using too many internal links

Google’s John Mرller explains that using too many internal links on a single page can reduce their value, and instead go beyond what needs to be done.

This topic was discussed during the Google Search Central SEO Hangout recorded on July 2, 2021.

A site owner asks if there is a risk of using excessive internal links.

The topic of external contacts often comes up during these hangouts, but the effect of internal contacts is rare.

Internal links are important for SEO because they send signals to Google about which pages are most important to a particular website. They don’t send rating signals like external links, but they do matter.

In addition, Google uses internal links to better understand the structure of the site. Sitemaps can also be used to access this information, but a logical structure of internal links helps make it even clearer.

With all kinds of help in providing internal communication, can there be a lot of bad things in them? What M مولller has to say here.


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Google’s John Mueller for using too many internal links

Freely using internal links in a website can also cause problems. The first problem is that Google will not understand the structure of the site.

When asked if too many internal links on a page are doing more harm than good, Mرller replied:

“Yes and no. I think, in the sense that we use internal links to better understand the structure of a page, and you can imagine a situation where if we understand the structure of a website If all pages are linked to all other pages of the website, where you must have a full internal link on each page, then there is no original structure. do not have.

It’s like the many pages of this website, and they’re all interconnected, we don’t know which one is the most important. We do not know which of them is related to each other. And in that case, having all these internal links, it really doesn’t work that well on your site.

So regardless of the page rank, and the authority, and the transfer of such things, you are not basically providing a clear structure of the website. And that makes it harder for search engines to understand the context of the individual pages on your website. So that’s the way I’ll see it there.


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The second problem is that using too many internal links will reduce their value.

An internal link may indicate to Google that a page is important to the website, but as more links are added it becomes less important.

If there are twenty internal links on a page, not all of them will be treated as important as just one or two links.

“And like the other question you had, there’s more damage than good in terms of internal links. Not visible, then it becomes difficult for us to understand what you understand on your website.

And I think that providing that important feeling is sometimes really valuable, because it gives you a better chance of how you want to appear in the search results.

If you tell search engines clearly and directly, this is my main page, and from there you link to different categories and different products from other categories, so it is very easy for us to understand if someone Searching for categories. Of products, this is the page that we should show in the search results.

Even if everything is interconnected, so be it, any of these pages can be relevant. And then maybe when you’re really looking for a product in a category, we’ll send the user to some random product instead of your category page.

According to Mرller’s advice, site owners should plan to have a structure for internal links that matches the structure of their own site.

It may look like this: Home Page> Category Page> Services Page> Request a Quote Page.

Or if you’re adding internal links to something like a blog article, you can add links to related articles on the site.

While some internal links are good, not much better. You will send strong signals with fewer connections.

Listen to Mرller’s full answer in the video below:

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