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Google Teams is ready with GoDaddy

Yesterday, Google announced that it was working with GoDaddy to help site owners develop their products in front of a wider audience.

The announcement was made on Google’s blog, stating that merchants could more easily be found by search engines in just a few clicks.

GoDaddy, which has more than 20 million subscribers, provides a number of services to e-commerce merchants including:

  • Domain Purchase
  • Website building
  • WordPress
  • Domain-based emails
  • Hosting
  • Web security


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What is involved in the partnership?

The partnership helps merchants find new customers through Google Shopping, Search (including Image Search) and YouTube.

In addition, GoDaddy merchants can add products to Google from their online store and either advertise them through a smart shopping campaign or enable them for free listing.

GoDaddy also released a press release yesterday stating that users who create their first smart shopping campaign may be eligible for a ڈالر 150 ad credit provided by Google.

Eligible users will also have their advertising costs through Google at a price of £ 108.07.

Who benefits from the partnership?

GoDaddy’s website does not specify whether there are any limitations under which merchants can benefit from this partnership.


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While merchants who are already campaigning will not be able to use Google’s ad credit, it seems that existing and new Goody Daddy users will have easier connections to Google products, more website visibility, and Can potentially enjoy increased traffic and sales. .

Traders will not be the only ones to benefit from this partnership. Google has made it clear that when it comes to finding unique products from new and small businesses online, it wants to make searchers more likely to like them.

However, lesser-known brands will undoubtedly have to develop incredibly strong trust signals to persuade consumers to buy from them. While easy access to Google products is certainly welcome, merchants need to build relationships with potential customers so they can reach the end.

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A beautiful friendship

The partnership aims to create more visibility for online merchants and give Google users more shopping options.

Greg Goldbarb, vice president of commerce products at GoDaddy, said of the partnership:

“Expanding our work with Google facilitates the presence of e-commerce on Google’s surface and leverages the best in class automated advertising solutions to accelerate sales.”

And Adrian Maharaj, director of Google’s Channel Partnership, said:

“Together with GoDaddy, we are able to provide a way for more merchants to be discovered on Google.”

Goddard Merchants may not be able to move their site to another provider

If you are planning to build your website with GoDaddy, be aware that you may not be able to transfer it to another hosting provider online.


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However, the brand is transparent about this, stating that if you create a site using Website Builder, you will not be able to ‘take the website with you’.

If you build your GoDaddy site with WordPress, you can download the files and install them with another hosting provider.

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