Google Taylor Play Store ratings on consumer devices.

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Google is trying to make the Play Store ratings more tailored to each individual device, rather than the overall rating that applies to each one. This means that anyone with a tablet will not see the same rating as the latest flagship smartphone.

In early 2022, the company announced that users of the Google Play Store would see the app rankings based on which they are running. If an app is particularly demanding and has a ton of five-star ratings from users of high-end smartphones, no one with the tablet will see those ratings, because they are not related to their specific hardware. Are Instead, they will look at the ratings of other tablet users.

The Play Store change doesn’t just apply to tablets and phones. Instead, Chromebook and Wear OS users will also receive separate reviews to ensure that the experience of using the app on their device will be reflected in the reviews. You probably don’t care how well a particular Android app works on the latest Pixel phone if you’re on a Chromebook.

In addition, from November 2021, Google will start showing rankings based on location. It should also help create a more relevant Play Store experience for everyone.

Play Store developers who see their app rating change by more than 0.2 will receive at least 10 weeks’ notice from Google to update the app for the platform, which may be reduced. Google says, “We understand that many developers closely monitor the ratings that their potential users see, so we’re making sure you get a lot of notice of upcoming changes.” “

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