Google spreads ‘about this result’ with information about ranking factors

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Google spreads ‘about this result’ with information about ranking factors

Google is expanding into the ‘About Results’ panel with information on which factors are included in a page’s ranking in search results.

Starting today, when you take a look at the results panel, searchers will have even more information about the results that will help them realize which is the most useful. May be.

This is what regular searchers offer, but SEO offers this unique insight into how ranking factors surf the page for a given query.

Here is an example of an update to the results panel for the question “How to cook fish in the oven”:

Under the heading “Your search and its results” you can see why the page has been rated for this query.


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For example, Google brought that particular page to light because of the following factors:

  • The words in the query match the words on this page.
  • The words on this page match the query words.
  • The content of the page is in the language in which the query is submitted.
  • The location of the searcher in the United States made the page particularly relevant.

In addition to highlighting similarity terms, related terms, and local relevance, an updated panel on this result may also reveal information about intimate contacts.

Here’s another example where you can see the panel telling the searcher: “Other websites with your search terms are linked to this result.”

Google spreads 'about this result' with information about ranking factors

The image in the title of this article shows another version of the results panel about it, stating that the images on this page were used as a matching element.


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For Google search engines, this information can be used to refine someone’s query to get better results.

For everyday users, this panel offers techniques and settings that can be used to edit searches to find more relevant web pages.

From Google’s announcement:

“For example, if you usually search in English, but want to find results in another language, or from a different region, it makes it easier to adjust your settings about the result. Is.

You may even want to adjust your search. Imagine that you find “the best jogging shoes”. While it’s usually helpful to return results about Google-related concepts, in this case “running shoes”, you’re really after shoes that are suitable for jogging.

This result will show you hints on how you can get to what you want. For example, you could cite a word or phrase around a word to get results, or use a minus sign to exclude certain words from your search.

For marketers and SEOs, this panel offers an interesting look at how Google determines relevance to results.

Prior to today’s update, only results were revealed about the source of the content and only the connection to the website was secure. It now has a lot of data on sync gestures.

This extension is now running for 10% eligible users and will gradually increase to 100%. With extensive rollout plans in the coming months, expanded English panels are available in the United States.

Source: Google

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