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Google SEO The best SEO practices for deal pages

Alan Kent from the Google Search Relations team posted some great new ways to create Dell Pages on the Google Blog that work best in Google Search. While these tips and hints aren’t necessarily new, Google says the company now recommends the following best practices.

Here is a list of these best practices.

(1) Create a dedicated page for each promotional program. Google says the company encourages you to create business pages for all special promotional programs, not just Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

(2) Google said you should include a description of the event in the title of the page. The page title is often included in the text that appears in the carousel of the transaction.

()) Also, make sure to include a photo related to the sale. “This image should be a” featured icon that will help buyers understand your offer, “Google wrote. Although Google generally discourages banner text in images, the text in the images can be helpful on transactional pages. To minimize cropping in the carousel of deals, Google recommends that the aspect ratio of the image be in the range of 4: 3 to 3: 4.

()) Be sure to include text describing the event in the contents of this page. This can help Google accurately identify the page for a specific sale.

(5) For deal pages where you display sales details on the day of the event, where there is not much content on that page before the event. Google said to include general information about this event in advance so that Google understands that it is relevant to the page, and then ask Google to rearrange your page after updating so that it is possible. Enhance your up-to-date content.

() Google on behalf of the Merchant Center said that you would like to register your promotions in the Google Merchant Center so that you can present your deals at a higher level on Google.

Remember Google came out with Black Friday best practices in October. The irony was that the application signal tool had to be used, which was fine before Black Friday and at the end of Friday.

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