Google search snippet descriptions still use queries.

Google told us the other day that changing the title of the search results segment no longer uses queries to customize the title of the search results segment. But the details of the search results, the fragments are still customized based on the user’s query.

I asked about it after watching a video (embedded below) published by Google yesterday, which was probably recorded months ago, about how we can control the description of search results. Can I joked about the language around the query and how old the video could be before it was published. But the fact is, the description of the snippet in Google search, at least to this day, is still custom-made, based on which it queries the searcher.

John Mرller from Google shared two questions that lead to the same result, with the same title but with a different description.

[fishing calendar] Vs. [what’s a good day to go fishing] (Click to enlarge):

Click for full size.

Here was my joke:

John replied:

So to clarify and know:

So the query does not customize the title of the Google search results snippets, but they do customize the description as far as possible.

Here is the video:

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