Google search console tools begin to match the URL inspection tool.

Google has updated its three public search console tools to match and “align” with the URL inspection tool in Google Search Console. Specifically, the AMP, Mobile Friendly, and Rich Results tools now have the same visibility and functionality as the URL Inspection Tool.

Looks like Mobile Friendly Test in Public Facing Tool (image on left) and URL Inspection Tool (image on right) – click image to view full size:

Click for full size.

Now that the user interface and functionality are the same, Google said it is “making changes to their design and improving features so that they can be fully integrated with the URL inspection tool.” “Changes include standardizing previous features, as well as new features that will familiarize you with the URL Inspection Tool. Specifically, the following areas will now be reported to both Public Testing and URL Inspection Tools Will be done. “

  • Page Availability – Whether Google was able to crawl the page when it was crawled, or if it encountered any interruptions while crawling the URL.
  • HTTP header – HTTP header response returned from the inspected URL.
  • Screenshot of the page – the page presented as seen by Google.
  • Pair AMP inspection, inspect both canonical and AMP URLs.

This is a good thing because Google’s various tools that show different things can confuse the audience, as we saw yesterday.

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