Google says the total number of links is completely irrelevant to SEO

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Google says the total number of links is completely irrelevant to SEO

“The total,” said John Mرller of Google [of backlinks] A video hangout last week is basically completely irrelevant to Google rankings. I heard the statement and did not cover it because it is SEO 101 but then I saw some reactions on the internet about this line and decided that it is worth repeating. .

In the video this question came up at the 27:08 mark, it was “The number of the most unique referral backlink domain or the total number of backlinks?”

John replied that the number of links is “completely irrelevant” and that Google weighs different links. He said that a link can be more valuable than thousands of links because Google can ignore the links.

John said what it is:

So I don’t think that’s how we differentiate our systems. Therefore, from my point of view, I do not focus on the total number of links to your website or the total number of domain links on your website. Because we look at relationships in a very different way. And we try to understand what is relevant to a website, how much we should weigh individual links, and the total number does not matter.

Because if you want you can create millions of links to millions of websites and we can ignore them all. Or there may be a really good link from a website which is a really important sign for us that we should understand this website with something that is relevant because it has a link. For example, I don’t know the homepage of a major news site.

So basically the total number is completely irrelevant.

Search Engine Journal covered it and some of the reactions were shocking to me. Clearly, SEJ covered it right, that’s the reaction that was a bit surprising to me.

This is just one example.

I mean, quantity vs quality links has been a topic we talked about almost 20 years ago! This page rank was in the Matt Kitts 1999 note.

Includes video with the part John Video talked about.

So, let someone see this. If the amount of contacts with Google makes a difference, it will be a bit surprising to hear this in 2021.

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