Google says that sometimes there is no SEO solution to your ranking problems

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Google says that sometimes there is no SEO solution to your ranking problems

“It’s possible that there is no SEO solution to your Google ranking issues,” Google’s John M مولller told a publisher. “Sometimes it’s not a technical or link building issue, sometimes it’s related to your content and your product,” he said, adding that “the site’s strategy is now obsolete.”

John Mرller said on Reddit that “When I hire an SEO expert service, what error will they find in my website and help me improve it?” The whole question is:

6 years ago, I lost all traffic to my google news website, I just blog, I don’t do any coding or anything, I don’t even do link building, but I was very nervous about SEO. Hired an expert and used some of the last money I left and they basically blinded me.

I spend $$$ and they just came back to me a few days later and sent me a checklist from which you can’t get any help online. I’ve been messed up, it’s been years and I still blog on my website but I have no clue why I’m not ranking well. If I hire an SEO expert or service, how do I know what the standards are and no scams like last time?

John Mرller responded:

One thing to keep in mind is that it is possible that SEO alone is not the answer. 6 years is a long time, and the web + Google News + everything around it is a little bit developed. Sometimes it’s not a technical issue, sometimes it’s not something you can fix just by “buying a bunch of links”, sometimes it’s just that the site’s strategy is now obsolete. You may have a great website, make it fast, you have “high authority and trust ability” (although you want to specify it), but if you are selling VHS cassettes you Bad times are coming. This is clearer when it includes a physical product, but if the material is your product, the same applies.

I think the only strategy here would be to talk about something else about your content, a service or a product that is not obsolete. The bottom line is, I suspect that a lot of people who read this write content on products and servers that aren’t obsolete, but have seen a similar gradual decrease in their traffic from Google search.

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