Google says that links to publications are commonplace.

I’m sure you’ve seen all the websites that have “As Featured On” or something like that on their website, then a list of these brands’ logos or carousels. Well, don’t be intimidated by these links, said John Mرller of Google, adding that putting these links on your site “looks like a normal link.”

John Mرller said this. Twitter – Where Vlad Rappoport’s question was “If we are displaying large publications on our homepage where our brand is featured and we choose to link to them for each logo, will they Should be nofollow or dofollows okay? ” John replied, “It sounds like a normal link to me.”

What kind of links are these, here is a random screenshot from a random website:

Click for full size.

Many sites do this and this is a way for the company to build a reputation for their product or service on their website.

Here are the tweets:

Discussion on the forum Twitter.

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