Google says it’s okay to use the same website theme on multiple sites.

Do you want to use the same design theme on multiple websites? Well, Google’s John Mرller says it’s okay to do that, in fact, he says many sites share the same or the same theme.

The question was “Is code duplication affecting SEO? I have used my domain” A “CSS classes in domain” B “. Is there any negative effect on our website SEO?” John replied, “No, I mean, it’s okay to do that, it won’t hurt you in a Google search.”

I asked for some more explanation and he answered my question “Actually, I create a WordPress theme and can I use it on multiple websites?” John then replies that “many sites use the same themes,” which means it’s all good.

Here are the tweets:

In addition, Google has said in the past about changing themes that there is no harm in changing themes, but later said that changing the themes can affect the ranking depending on it.

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