Google says don’t link all of your pages to all of your pages

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Google says don’t link all of your pages to all of your pages

Google’s John Mueller said Twitter While this is not only fine but for many sites it is expected to link to all of your homepages from your homepage, it is not recommended that all of your web pages be linked to all of your web pages. Get the link.

John said: “It’s okay to link to all the other pages from the homepage (which is almost expected). I just make sure not to link to all the pages from all the pages (unless it really is.) Not a small website). Build and display a clear site structure. It has internal links. “

Now, of course if you have a huge site with thousands and thousands of pages, you can’t expect each of these thousands of pages to link to the rest of your thousands of pages. But if you have a hundred pages or so, it’s always possible.

Even large sites can’t really link to all of their home pages from their homepage, which is not possible in the context of the user experience. And honestly, that’s right, Google said you don’t need to link all your pages to your homepage.

So when thinking about the user experience, don’t think too much (maybe a little) about Google when it comes to navigation on your site and your site.

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