Google said the site does not have speed because a site will see significant changes in search visibility.

Google has once again stated that if you notice significant changes in your Google search visibility, it has nothing to do with how fast or slow your site is. John said in a hangout last Friday, “I don’t think moving a website from really slow to really fast will significantly increase visibility.”

John responded at the 9:17 mark in the video when he said, “Page experience updates are usually fairly precise updates. It’s not something that makes or breaks a website. Give “.

John added: “If you’ve noticed a significant drop in traffic from the search, I don’t think it’s purely because of one of your slow websites.”

The man kept going about his speed but John doubled over and John said “So there’s something I want to mention ahead of time because too much time is too easy to sink and too fast. Making a website is a big hassle with money and sometimes just speeding up the website. ” In short, it may not be worth the money to throw in a ton of explicit speed changes to improve rankings.

SEO added that even Google’s rendering tools sometimes end up accessing pages. But John said it shouldn’t have that big of an impact on rankings. “If it’s too slow to test,” John said. [rendered in Google’s testing tool] It just seems like a lot to fix from a user’s point of view but I think again that from a search point of view for most of these things I don’t understand how to make a website really slow or really fast. There will be a significant increase in visibility. As there will be some changes but it is usually very subtle. “

It keeps going and John keeps saying that speed will not affect your ranking very much.

Here’s the embed, you can hear it yourself:

This should come as no surprise, as we have covered it before. Google has hinted that the page experience update is a tie-breaker in the past, but said it could be a little more. Google’s Gary Ellis says updating the page experience won’t be hard and it could be more like a tiebreaker signal than a really big thing. Google’s John Mرller said it would not be as drastic as other Google updates, adding that it would be a slow rollout and would not feel overwhelming. Google’s Danny Sullivan said the rollout would not make a difference.

What this person saw were the basic updates in June and July.

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