Google reminds us to add customer support methods to our websites

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Google reminds us to add customer support methods to our websites

Google’s Danny Sullivan posted a reminder blog post on Google Blog to highlight on his website that customers can contact your company for support. Google said it could show your primary phone number as opposed to a third-party support provider.

Danny Sullivan writes that you want to make sure that Google discloses this information on your site (1) to ensure that people are contacting a business directly, rather than a third party. An authoritative connection to claim access to which cannot be verified. And (2) direct people to help Google correct the procedure, such as listing the company’s support telephone number instead of a common switchboard number.

Here is what Google suggests:

(1) Add a contact or support page to your website

(2) List all forms of support, including email, chat, social media, telephone, or other methods.

()) Phone is not supported, then Google says consider adding record help information to a phone number without a living person.

()) If you work with a third party to offer support, consider listing them on your support page.

(5) Refine your highlighted pieces to display your contact information.

(6) Post your business to Google Business Profile in Google Business Profile.

I suspect that Google is willing to take a little further action on unauthorized support channels. But obviously Google didn’t say it directly and that’s just my guess.

Update: Google told me, “In our Web Spam Report, we’ve noted that we’re increasingly fighting these types of online customer service scams. We’re using this as a reminder to businesses.” Posting on how they can help us better. Identify government numbers to protect consumers from scams. “So maybe my guess wasn’t too far?

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