Google Rating Factors: Fact vs. Fiction [Podcast]

Google’s ranking factors are usually a hot topic in the SEO industry.

While Google has confirmed a few ranking factors and indicators, there is a lot of speculation and bad information about what is, what could happen, and what is definitely not a ranking factor.

So the Search Engine Journal team set out to separate reality from fiction.

Join Anna Crow, Assistant Editor of Search Engine Journal and join founder Lauren Baker as she tells you the facts, so you can target your SEO strategy to make the most impact on this special edition of the Search Engine Journal show. ۔


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Whether you’re trying to understand the latest algorithm updates, improve site rankings, or increase conversions, understand how search engines work and where you fit into the ecosystem. The result can be a much better strategy, a smoother user experience, and more advanced. – Standard traffic.

We’re talking about some of the key rating factors from the eBook, how the book was compiled, and what it means to you. (Google Ranking Factors: Fact or Fiction is available for download here.)

It relaunched in November 2019, so how long has this e-book been working? The goal was really to become SEO Mythbusters, what is and what is not a ranking factor. We wanted to come up with something more explanatory, not just based on opinions and comments.. – Do it [04:44]


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There are a lot of studies out there, but whenever you actually become a part of those studies, there are mostly opinions or reasons and types of communication that don’t necessarily conform to Google’s statements, what in their patents. Yes, or what confirms the voices of John Mرller or Danny Sullivan. – Do it [07:51]

A good chunk of our time, I would say, maybe even 60% of it was spent researching before we started writing this.. – Do it [09:32]

[00:00] – What Anna does at SEJ and her digital marketing interests
[02:33] – What are Google’s ranking factors: Covers fact or fiction.
[02:52] – Are there still only 200 Google ranking factors?
[03:41] – What is the reason for creating this book?
[04:14] – The mechanism behind Google ranking factors
[07:26] – Why did it take almost two years to write this book?
[08:24] – What Anna learned from researching various ranking factors.
[09:57] – How did Google’s algorithm updates affect the research behind so many ranking factors?
[11:07] – How can constant mobile scrolling change the visibility of a website in search results?
[14:30] – Are Easter eggs a factor in Google’s rankings?
[16:54] – Is word count a ranking factor? Final decision
[21:51] – The query deserves freshness, and does the freshness of the content affect the ranking of the website?
[28:27] – What is the EAT rating factor?
[29:55] – Are links a ranking factor?
[34:37] – Gray area of ​​domain and site age as a rating factor
[37:30] – Is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​a rating factor?
[38:50] – What’s the difference between the Google Quality Rate Guidelines and the ranking factor?
[42:14] – Lorraine’s interesting watery analogy
[43:57] – Important points from reading a book

The more you understand how the Google algorithm works, the better you can provide the user with an amazing piece of content. – Do it [10:20]

It’s about science, so it’s interesting to know how the algorithm works. But it is more important to understand that the real goal is to create a better page for the user. – Do it [44:27]

The purpose of this ranking factor e-book is to show that yes, these are all ranking factors, but they are evolving. After all, it’s really just about the user, and the goal is to make sure your website is an amazing experience for them. – Do it [45:11]


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This project seems to have been filmed in terms of maintaining everything in the life of SEO. – Lauren Baker [11:09]

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Anna is the Assistant Editor of Search Engine Journal. Over the past 10+ years, Anna has successfully run her own SEO and content agency, working with Moz, Kissmetrics, Dollar Thrifty Rental, Hearst Magazine, Mailboat Records, Philip Morris International, Bloomin ‘Brands, and many more clients. Is working Besides burritos, she loves puppies.

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