Google product experts don’t find the secrets to ranking or ranking.

Google’s John Mرller said on Twitter that Google product experts do not have access to any rankings or SEO secrets. Nor do these product excerpts promote any kind of ranking in Google search because they are Google volunteers.

Google Product Experts are not googlers, they are people like you and me who volunteer their time to help other Google users and users use Google products. From Google Search to YouTube, from Android to Gmail – they only answer a lot of questions in open Google support forums.

These Google Product Specialists do not receive rankings or ranking secrets in exchange for free help. John said Twitter They “find no classification secrets for your customers.” There are other benefits as well, he said, adding that “although there are many other costs involved in a product expert program, trying to help others can be satisfying.”

I admire all the experts in the product, it is a hard, ungrateful and sometimes painful job that is no work at all.

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