Google outreach confirms the value of link building

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Google outreach confirms the value of link building

Google’s John Mرller, responding to a question about natural links, said the building that arrived was fine until some lines were crossed.

Create quality content and get links to it

The person asking the question just had a question about link exchanges. So now he was commenting on the nature of a natural connection, what is it?

He developed it in the context of standard materials.


“Like, we have to create quality content, naturally people will link to us. Is it just natural or something else;

M مولller confirms link building outreach… a location

John Mرller did not use the words link building or outreach.


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However, what he said was about the process of reaching out to publishers to tell them about the content. This is commonly known as outreach link building.

The strategy is to create content that publishers will be interested in linking to and then promoting that kind of content.

John Mرller commented on access to link building:

“This is basically the theory behind natural contact,” he said.

From our point of view, it’s okay to connect with people and let them know that anyway, I have this great content and… maybe that’s what you’ll appreciate for your website.

This is usually fine.


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When Outreach Link Building Violates Google’s Guidelines

Outreach link building can also go against Google’s guidelines.

There are many types of outreach link building. For example, asking a publisher to offer them money to keep links to their site is also called outreach link building.

Such link building is usually misrepresented to clients as outreach link building when in fact it is a paid link that was arranged by Outreach.

Outreach Link Building is really publishing interesting content and telling others about it.

John Mرller commented on the deteriorating outreach link building:

“But nothing beyond that where you say, OK; you link me that way or you pay me or I pay you for that link or I will change something for that link.

This is all that will make it an unnatural link from our point of view.

So there’s great content here for people to provide and advertise and say, and they link to you, which is fine.

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance.

Is Outreach Link Building Old?

Getting a publisher to link to a site is difficult and almost impossible, regardless of the quality of their content.

What makes this process even more difficult is that people today have more freedom of expression than the daily competition of blogging.

Unfortunately, these platforms on which people express themselves, such as social media and YouTube, do not provide links that can help the site rank better.

The world for which PageRank was created no longer exists.

Still, publishers are under pressure to get in touch with online ecosystems where links are not fast.


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The idea of ​​creating great content and asking someone to link to it seems outdated because today people express themselves in their own contexts that do not support links.


See Google’s John Mرller discusses link outreach with the 11 minute mark.

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