Google on third party page rank metrics such as open page rank

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Google on third party page rank metrics such as open page rank

Google’s John Mرller shared some of his thoughts on third-party metrics that try to mimic Google’s internal page rank metrics. PageRank is one of the many indicators that Google uses for ranking websites in search. It weighs less than it did in the beginning. Either way, SEOs and others want to know how Google views their site in terms of PageRank since Google removed a public signal for it in 2016.

In any case, the initiative is called Open PageRank, which describes itself as “an initiative to bring back the PageRank matrix so that different domains can be easily compared. We have Common Crawl and Common.” Using open source data provided by search. Common crawl corps includes petabytes of data collected over the past 7 years. The July 2017 crawl contains 3 billion web pages. Statistics are not so much about the number of pages crawled by any high backlink provider, the data is available to anyone for free. Decided to use it to make it available for free forever. “

It’s interesting but is it useful? Google’s John Mرller said on Reddit that you shouldn’t confuse it with Google’s real PageRank. All of these metrics are “still self-made link metrics” like others in our industry. Here is what he said:

This will not be Google’s page rank. All the other companies that run crawlers already have their own metrics (which are probably very strong in the meantime), so it will basically be just “still self-generated link metrics”. People already have enough metrics to look at when buying / selling links (and often they don’t even know what the old metrics are, or how to calculate them), anyone else Will not change any of them.

From a project perspective and trying to figure out how link paragraphs work on the web, John said it’s interesting. They said:

Playing with big data sets can be fun, trying things out in terms of page rank and other graphs can be fun, but none of it is really as useful as it used to be. Is. If anyone reads it, they want to build something like this, however, go and build it – you will learn a lot along the way, and this knowledge and experience will be useful. The number that comes up is not so much, but what you learn along the way will happen.

But don’t expect that when your open page rank increases, your ranking increases. Or expect that if your open page rank goes down, your ranking will go down.

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