Google November Core Update is over.

It’s official, Google’s November Core Algorithm Update ends today, Tuesday, November 30, 2021, the day after the popular Cyber ​​Monday shopping day. Sites that have experienced an upward or downward change in rankings should not expect additional changes in their status until the next algorithm update.

Google Announced the end of the cover update rollout. On Twitter:

November 2021 Core Update is now launching live. As is common with these updates, it will usually take one to two weeks to fully roll out.

It is possible that changes in traffic around the time of the algorithm are not related to the update. Coincidences happen but this is a thin hope.

The changes seen today can be said to be permanent and the rankings should be only daily up and down until the next update which is a feature of the constantly updated search index.

Unlike in the past where the search index was fixed for a month at a time, today’s search engine is more dynamic and responsive to links and content.


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What does not change is the basic process itself.

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What was the November update?

Find community share insights.

Many search marketers agree that the November basic algorithm update did not interfere with any major update.

Japan-based SEO Kenichi Suzuki (suzukik)

Kenichi Suzuki, a respected Japanese search marketer, shared his observations on the impact on Google search results in Japan.

Kenichi shared:

“The November 2021 cover update seems to have had little effect on the rankings compared to other major updates.

Rating changes are no different than daily fluctuations.

That said, we’ve looked at Google to see who (author / company) publishes the content more carefully.

Jason Bernard (jasonmbarnard)

Jason Bernard observed wild fluctuations in Google’s Knowledge Graph on November 16, a day before the update:


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Is it related to the update that will be released the next day?

No one knows for sure but this is an interesting side show with main event.

Jason shares his thoughts on what happened in the Knowledge Graph:

“Here we announced a major update to Google on November 17 and the day before that the knowledge graph went crazy.

There was also a “deepening” in the Knowledge Graph on the same day (meaning the questions yielded an average of 6% more results).

That number hasn’t changed in at least 2 years. So this is 6 big news.

Amon Johns (Ammon_Johns)

I asked the widely respected search marketer, Amon Johns, about the update.

Immune joint:

“There is no single theme yet, there are no recurring issues or symptoms in different SEO groups.

For many small site owners, the only major issue in the weeks leading up to the update was where crawling was reduced, and sites with low crawl preferences found that they could not index their new content. “

Amon cites growing concern in the search marketing community around the world about how Google is indexing less content.

This is something that started to reach its peak in October 2021 and has become a source of concern for many publishers.

Steven Kong (SEOSignalsLab)

Steven Kang is the administrator of the popular SEO Signals Lab Facebook community. His community has thousands of members and countless discussions every day. If anyone has the pulse of the search community on social media, it is Steven Kong.

Here’s what Steve noticed about the basic update:

“I’m seeing mixed results. Some went up and some went down. I don’t see the difference between earthquakes …”

Jim Boyken (jimboykin) – Founder of Internet Marketing Ninja

Jim Boykin has been in SEO for 20 years and I noticed one thing about Jim is that he is open minded and quick to adapt to change, which is why his opinion is so important to me. ۔


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Here are Jim’s observations on Google’s November update:

“We had 12 clients who had a really good improvement in rankings / traffic, and about 25 clients who didn’t look great in any way, and we had 7 clients who saw a slight decrease. About 5 of the 7 dropped 1-3 in the rankings, and two of the 7 drops were large.

Overall, this is just another applicable update; there will always be winners and losers each time; I just try to improve the sites and try to put pressure on those who are negatively affected. Were

Bill Hartzer (bhartzer)

Bill Hartzer, another search marketer with more than twenty years of experience, agrees with the observation that the update has had little effect.

The bill was observed:

“I feel like this is a low-impact update.”

Was the update a partial infrastructure update?

Many in the search industry generally agree that this update is relatively light. This in itself is very interesting because it can suggest changes to the basic algorithm architecture where it still does the same thing, relatively, but it makes it more efficient and faster.


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The basic algorithm update was preceded by a spam update that cleared the table of possible negative effects on the search index, in order to make the search index more pure and less spam.

FLAN Machine Learning Research Paper

This is especially interesting because Google AI has published research on new machine learning models that do not specialize in doing many things really well, which is a change from the previous models that made a job really good. What’s more, an army of different models is needed to differentiate them all. Things

One such model is called FLAN, which was introduced in October as a research paper. What FLAN does is focus on natural language training to solve a variety of tasks and then generalize the method so that it can be applied to a variety of tasks.

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Google introduces Pathways, a new AI architecture

The November basic algorithm update started on November 17, 2021 and ended on November 30, about two weeks later.


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If Google were to introduce a new, more efficient way to do the same thing it was already doing, it would have to clean up the spam board with a spam update and then gradually add new algorithm architecture to the entire system. May need to be introduced.

Probably not coincidentally, just as FLAN research was published, Google officially announced a new AI architecture called Pathways, which seems to do a lot of things that claim to improve FLAN. does.

The Google Pathways announcement states:

“Often, machine learning systems specialize in individual tasks, when they can outperform many other tasks.

That’s why we’re building Pathways; a new AI architecture that will handle multiple tasks at once, learn new tasks faster and reflect a better understanding of the world.

4. Today’s AI models are usually trained to do only one thing.

Pathways will enable us to train a model to do thousands or millions of things.

One thing to note is that the Pathways article, published in October 2021, refers to the things they are about to create, not the things they have already introduced.


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Therefore, it is entirely possible that Pathways was not introduced in the mid-November 2021 core algorithm update.

Amon Johns was reminded of the Hummingbird Update.

Amon Johns commented that the November 2021 core algorithm update felt like an infrastructure update.

Amon expressed his views:

“I’m reminded a little bit of the Hummingbird Update, where it was a few months before the news broke or something like that, and nobody noticed it.”

I agree with Amon. In general, the November 2021 update had a relatively mild effect on search results.

And that’s what makes it feel like an infrastructure update that makes Google’s algorithm more efficient.

Google November 2021 Core Update TechWays

I think most people would agree that Google’s basic update was a bit weird.

  • Kenichi Suzuki, a search marketer in Japan, believes that Google was paying too much attention to authorship.
  • Jason Bernard saw the sharp fluctuations in the knowledge graph, sharing that Google is returning results based on 6% more knowledge graphs. Jason says the 6% increase is huge and a scale he has never seen before.
  • Amon Johns thinks, as I do, that the calm nature of this update may indicate that Google has made further changes to its infrastructure.
  • Social media has been relatively quiet since the update, which shows that whatever impact it had was not felt as widely as any major update.
  • Finally, Google published an article and a research paper that both point to improvements in Google’s algorithms that can dramatically speed up the task of answering existing questions and answering more complex questions in the future. Google’s potential can be greatly enhanced.

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