Google November 2021 Core Update Releases Today

Google is introducing a new comprehensive cover update today called the November 2021 Core Update. This is the third core update released by Google in 2021.

Announcement Google announced the rollout on the Google Search Central Twitter account, not the Search Legion account, which it has announced for all other previous announcements on basic updates.

The rollout began at about 11am ET. Google update We are told that the rollout has started at about 11am ET. Google said: “The November 2021 cover update is now launching live. As is common with these updates, it will usually take one to two weeks to fully roll out.

Timing before the holidays. Before this update, and possibly during Google (assuming it’s a typical two-week rollout), it’s amazing to see the biggest holiday shopping season online. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are less than two weeks away and Google is launching this update from today.

Earlier, Google took a break before the holiday shopping season, it belonged to Google. Gifts for webmasters Former Googler Matt Kitts said.

Google’s Danny Sullivan responded to the timing of the update on Twitter:

Later in the day, Google’s Danny Sullivan said the search company would consider timing feedback for such a rollout in the future.

Previous basic updates. The most recent was the previous cover update. Basic update for July 2021 And before that it was June 2021 cover update And that was the update Slow to roll out but a big one. Then we had December 2020 cover update And the December update Was too bigGreater than May 2020 cover update, And that was the update. Big and wide And took one A few weeks to roll out completely. Was before Basic update for January 2020, We had some analysis on this update. over here. The one before that. Basic update for September 2019. That update Felt weak For many SEOs and webmasters, as many have said, it has not had the same effect as previous major updates. Google also released one. Updated in NovemberBut it was specific to local rankings. You can read more about the past. Google updates here..

What to do if you get hit Google suggests what to consider if you’ve been negatively affected by a major update in the past. There are no specific steps to retrieve, and in fact, the negative impact of rankings does not indicate that something is wrong with your pages. However, Google has provided a list. Questions to consider if your site has been the subject of a major update. Google said you can see a little bit. Restoration between basic updates But the biggest change you will see will be after another major update.

Why do we care Whenever Google updates its search ranking algorithm, it means that your site can perform better or worse in the search results. Finding out when Google updates it gives us some clues as to whether or not you have made any changes to your website or whether Google has made some changes to its ranking algorithm. Today, we know that Google will release a basic ranking update, so keep an eye on your analytics and rankings for the next two weeks.

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