Google Merchant Center to Manufacturer Center sync feature.

Google is sending emails to people who use both Google Merchant Center and Google Manufacturer Center that they can now synchronize data between the two platforms. The email states that if you link accounts, Google will “constantly synchronize products from the Merchant Center to the Manufacturer Center.”

Kirk Williams received the email and shared it. Twitter. The email states that Google is “launching a feature that gives you a faster and more efficient way to import and manage your brands’ product data in the Manufacturer Center.” Google explains that you can link accounts so that Google can sync between the two.

It helps you:

  • When you already have products in the Merchant Center, avoid duplicate attempts to create product feeds in the Manufacturer Center.
  • Save time while boarding into the Manufacturer Center account by immediately importing product data from the Merchant Center.
  • Update your existing Manufacturer Center catalog with imported product data.
  • Accelerate product data enrichment in the Manufacturer Center by building on top of imported product data.

Here is a screenshot of Kirk that you can click and expand.

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