Google Mate fights annoying environments with these new features.

We were all in a meeting where one person was echoing for everyone. Now, Google has announced that it is warning you that you are creating an echo for everyone to prevent this problem. You no longer need to pause the meeting to see what is happening to the person.

Google Mate has already tried to fix the echo by controlling and removing the audio. As much as Google can try, the echo is definitely there. With a new update to Google Mate, the video conferencing service will notify you if other call participants can hear significant echoes from your system.

The next time you start a meeting, the software will show you a red dot on the More Options button to let you know that others will hear an echo. You will also receive a text notification about the problem.

If you click on the notification, you’ll be taken to the Google Mate’s help page, which will provide you with suggested steps to remove the echo.

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Of course, there is always the option to silence yourself if you can’t seem to stop the echo and you don’t have to talk.

It’s a shame to sit in a whole meeting just knowing that you’re annoying everyone by echoing, so at least knowing that it’s happening you’ll stop it so everyone can enjoy the meeting (or enjoy) Make an excuse to carry).

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