Google Maps Update disables navigation unless you agree to data collection – review Jack.

If you’re like millions of other people, you often use Google Maps for navigation. When you do, your navigation data is shared with Google to improve the product.

And while this is nothing new, users on iOS and Android today are seeing a hint of Google Maps data sharing. If you do not agree to share your data with Google, a recent update to Google Maps is disabling alternate voice and navigation instructions.

This new popup prompt describes what’s happening in more detail.

Google Maps navigation data.
Google Maps

As you visit, Google collects details, such as the GPS location and the route you’ve taken. This data can be used to create information, including real-time traffic conditions and obstacles, to help others find the visible and fastest way.

If you do not agree to share this data and click “Cancel” instead, Google Maps disables rotation navigation completely. Instead, users will see the old list of instructions, and that’s it. You will not receive voice instructions or rotation navigation. You can read more about navigation data here.

Again, Maps has always used this location data, and you may have agreed to open Google Maps or use navigation for the first time. This change reaffirms this information to users, possibly in an effort to be more open and transparent about data collection policies and user privacy. The company spoke at its annual Google IO Developer Conference earlier this year.

So far, nothing seems to have changed in terms of collection methods or features, and instead, Google just clarifies things and lets users opt out.

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