Google Maps is painstakingly trying to figure out how to power crowd source data navigation.

Google Maps has become an integral part of our lives, whether it’s for sightseeing or just to get to know places. Navigation features, including turn-to-turn navigation, allow us to drive in places and not get lost in the process, and I’ve been doing a lot of wrong things since I started using a car.

Now, Google Maps users will start showing users how crowdfunding data is needed for the app, and if you want to continue using these features, you’ll have to agree, as 9to5Google saw Is.

For the record, this is nothing new. Google has always used your data, including where you are now, where you went, and where you are currently going, for many essential features of Google Maps, including traffic forecasting, travel Calculating times, as well as the fastest route to a place, whether you are walking or driving. Nothing is changing there.

Google is only using your consent to share this data as it is necessary for the service to function. You will need immediate consent to continue using features such as live turn-to-turn navigation.

Google Maps users should start seeing this hint now. Image Credit: 9to5Google.

Why is Google doing this now? Google I / O in 2021, the company “Protect your privacy“And since then, many apps, such as Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail, have all shown users the same cues as to how they share their data and how Google is using it.

Instant Acceptance will not change how the app works before, nor will you share with Google anything you weren’t sharing before – just a compliment. It only serves to keep you informed of the information you are sharing with every viewer, including Google. And if you’re not right with it, you can dismiss it and not share this information, but keep in mind that the app won’t work that way.

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