Google makes it easy to launch your Android Auto to replace phones.

Google is committed to improving the car-friendly experience provided by its apps, so in addition to significant improvements for Android Auto users, it is also working to brighten up the new driving mode available on mobile devices. Is.

With the release of Android 12, Google decided to release Android Auto for phones and an alternative solution called Driving Mode.

Originally powered by Google Maps and now bundled with Google Assistant, this driving mode is pre-loaded with the new mobile operating system, and is essentially the latest successor to Android Auto for phones. It plays a similar UI, albeit with usable improvements, and largely supports the same capabilities, including making phone calls and listening to music.

However, starting driving mode has so far been less easy for many users.

The reason is that Google just needs to tell everyone. “Hey, Google, let’s drive.” To launch the driving mode on your mobile devices, and without saying that it does not have to be everyone’s cup of tea.

However, earlier this year, the search company also introduced a dedicated option to automatically load the driving mode when a Bluetooth connection is detected from the car’s speaker system.

And now, Google is introducing an option that should have existed from the beginning. The Google App has reportedly been updated with support for creating a home screen icon for driving mode, which means users can launch it with a simple tap on the screen.

There is no manual method for creating this shortcut. The Google App itself suggests adding a home screen icon for driving mode when launching the app, so if you want to add it to your home screen, you’ll have to wait for this notification to appear.

Google has not yet announced the change, so presumably, it is still in the process of making it available to users there.


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