Google made 12 changes to search every day in 2020.

We cover a lot of Google changes here, from changes to the user interface to ranking changes – most of which Google does not announce or endorse. But yesterday, Google said it made 4,500 changes to Google Search in 2020. These are 12.5 changes per day or more than 17 changes per working day in 2020.

I don’t think the code slowed down Google because in 2019 Google made only 3,200 changes and in 2018 it was about 3,3200.

Google also announced that this was the original announcement, relaunching the How Search Works portal, which was originally launched in 2013 and re-launched in 2017.

Danny Sullivan wrote:

Today, we’re launching a completely redesigned website that explains search tasks and outs-how we approach big, philosophical questions, as well as how. works.

We first launched this website in 2016, and since then, millions of people have used it to learn more about how to find it. Now, we’ve updated the site with the latest information, made it easier to navigate and bookmark sections, and added additional resource links that do search work and share answers to common questions. Are

The website gives you a window on what happens when you start typing in the search bar when you get your search results. It offers an overview of the technology and work that goes into managing the world’s information, understands what you’re looking for and then connects you to the most relevant, helpful information.

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