Google Local Pack without calling or instructions.

If you search. [restaurants near me] In Google search mobile or desktop, you’ll see the local three-pack and map, but you won’t see the restaurant or directions call button or how to order online. You won’t see a call to action button, or at least I don’t see it and many others don’t.

You may see something different, but I see what Ben Heligman sees. Ben is in Kansas, I’m in New York and we both see the listing (from different restaurants) without the call to action buttons. Here is the screenshot Ben shared. Twitter A while ago and still is the same:

Click for full size.

Google’s Local Pack results have recently been tested for showing without a map, with icons on the right side of the map and without instructions – so it doesn’t surprise me.

I guess Google wants you to get another click that you need to get.

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