Google July 2021 Core Update Released on July 9th

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Google July 2021 Core Update Released on July 9th

On Friday, July 9, it looks like Google July 2021 core update has been added again. Glenn Gabe asked Google’s Danny Sullivan if the update had been made, and Danny said Friday that “not enough.” I suspect we saw the last wave of this update around July 9th.

These tweets are:

As a reminder, the July 2021 CoreDate update was announced on July 1st and we saw massive fluctuations in search results on July 2nd and then it quickly calmed down. Then around July 9th we saw another sharp rise in volatility, probably related to the tail of this July cover update.

I doubt we’ll hear soon enough that this update is complete.

There were two major chats in the forums and the tools also showed major changes around July 9th.

SEO Chatter

Here are some updates from the SEO community at WebmasterWorld that were actually launched on July 8th for some people. Here are some excerpts:

Another great hit last night (-50 ایک) again. We’ve been replaced by weird domains. Domains that really have nothing to do with this question. Like finding serial cable shows me domains of installers that sell serial cable for heating ?! There is no explanation to say.

I think this update targets any domain (except the big sellers) that has a lot of identical items. Like we are selling network cables and there are about> 2,000 different types (length, cat, color, manufacturer). But this page has been hit hard.

Frightened Friday is here, before that we’ve seen test / tweaks / rollout patterns during Friday in all algorithm tracking tools. Good luck just incase! Hello!

Today was the first day I lost the ranking for a while … Traffic on my landing pages is low again, and my homepage is 40% lower today. However, USA / UK / CA traffic is all normal or high, so the loss should be in traffic from other places. I think I’m a rat in Google Labs right now. There are very few product sales queries, and none from the United States. However, I have a sudden service inquiry. (I provide both products and services)

Oh, let’s go again … Another devastating weekend is coming. At the beginning of the day my traffic is 55% less. UK down 72%, US down 52%, 0 visits from Canada. Still, it looks like I’ve returned all the terms I lost yesterday.

In about 1 hour I see completely different snakes. I have not seen such changes in SERP in 20 years. For most of our checked servers, 90% are completely different websites. It’s not just a position shift, it’s a complete exchange of top 20 results. These results are not good. Google, I don’t know which element you added or overweight, please reverse it. I hope this is just a test …

Drop by Friday.

Of course, there is a lot of chatter in other forums and on social media as well.

Find tracking tools:

After being quite calm since the July 2 pop, the best thing about July 9 is what the tracking tools are showing over the weekend.


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SERP matrix:

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Advanced Web Rankings:

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Cognitive SEO:

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So it looks like we are at the end of the tail and we should really hear from Google soon that this update will be completed. If you want more details, read my July Basic Update story.

Forum discussion in WebmasterWorld and Twitter.

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