“Google” is the top keyword in Bing.

According to a document submitted to the EU General Court, “Google” is the top search query in the allegedly competitive search engine Bing.

Alfonso LaMadrid, a lawyer for Alphabet Inc., told an EU court this week:

“We have submitted evidence that the most common search query on Bing is from Google.”

This is quite a fax, but Google is not disclosing this information in court just for the sake of bragging rights.

Bloomberg reports that the evidence was presented because Google is trying to overturn the 2018 no-confidence order, which resulted in a 5 billion fine.

Google has been accused of using its Android operating system to gain an unfair advantage over rival search engines.


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The European Commission alleges that Google’s decision to set itself as the default search engine on Android was made to deter competitors.

Google says the allegations are unfair.

The company maintains a position that people use Google because they choose it, not because they are forced to.

Evidence that “Google” is the most searched term on Bing was presented in court to support the company’s argument.

Alphabet Inc.’s lawyer is making a case that most people on the web would like to use Google as their favorite search engine.

In addition, the lawyer cites a consumer survey that states that 95% of users prefer Google to rival search engines.


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Since this number is according to Google’s share in the search engine market, the company claims that its competitive advantage is not affected by the default setting of Android.

Will the European Commission be convinced?

The case is moving forward, but at least it is producing small gems of insider knowledge, such as “Google” being the top keyword in Bing.

Source: Bloomberg.

Featured image: Ascannio / Shutterstock

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