Google is setting new standards for device performance in Android 12.

Including 1080p display and at least 6 GB RAM.


Although Android 12 was technically released last week, it has not yet gained access to any real device – at least as a stable build. That doesn’t mean we can’t learn a little bit about what Google has changed behind the scenes. A new compatibility definition document, or CDD, with Android 12 has been released, which must be entered into to provide manufacturers with some insight into the deal.

The most important change here is a new “Performance Class” section (via 9to5Google). Google says of its new standard:

“A performance class describes a set of capabilities of a device that goes beyond the baseline requirements of Android. […] Every Android device announces a performance class that it supports. Developers can check the device’s performance class at runtime and provide upgraded experiences that take full advantage of the device’s capabilities. ”

Unlike other subjects covered under CDD, performance classes do not require a set. Instead, each device is certified to a certain level, with performance class 12 currently the highest. However, because performance classes are forward-compatible, no tools are needed to move to a new performance class with each upgrade. A specific phone model can meet the 12th standard of performance and can remain at that level even after upgrading to Android 13 next year.

Proof class

This year’s performance class is primarily dedicated to camera capabilities and media playback, including topics such as frame drop, encoding quality, and HDR image capture. The good news for anyone is that they plan to upgrade their phone anytime soon, as some requirements are actually very strict:

  • A primary 12MP (or higher) camera with 4K 30FPS support.

  • A 1080p display with 400 PPI or higher.

  • At least 6 GB RAM.

  • Specific read / write speed.

Screenshot 2021-10-14 121501.

Those rules – along with some of the more technical aspects found in the document, such as Camera 2 startup delay and specific Kodak support – set a decent baseline for what you should expect from a modern Android device.

If you’re ready to read on a Thursday afternoon, you can browse the entire Android 12 CDD.

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