Google is reportedly paying Apple ڈالر 15 billion to remain the default search engine.

Financial analysts estimate that Google is paying Apple ڈالر 15 billion to remain the default search provider on the Safari browser.

It is known that Google pays a lot of money for its default search position in Safari, but it is said that this number will reach even higher heights this year.

Google paid Apple 10 10 billion in 2020 for the default search position. According to an investor’s note, analysts expect that number to increase by 50% in 2021.

Apple blog received a copy of the note, which reads:

“We now estimate that Google’s payment to AAPL as the default search engine on iOS was 10 10 billion in FY20, higher than our previously published model estimate of 8 8 billion. An analysis of recent revelations in Apple’s public filings, as well as a bottom-up analysis of Google’s TAC (traffic acquisition costs) payments, all point us to this figure;

We now predict that Google’s payments to Apple will be about 15 15.15 billion in fiscal year 21, an amazing contribution of 850 bps annually to the development of services and 9% of the company’s total profits.


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It is believed that Apple is paying the money to ensure that Microsoft does not lose its value.

The investor’s note states that payments could reach $ 18- B 20B in 2022.

While the increase in payments is significant in itself, it’s good for SEOs to know that there won’t be a major downturn in Google’s search volume in the years to come.

This is exactly what will happen if Google loses its status as the default search provider for Safari.

In the United States, Safari currently has. 53 Mobile browser market share and 18 Desktop browser market share.


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Yes, users can choose any provider they want as their default search engine, but the chances of missing a search volume are very high.

Don’t worry though, because it looks like Google and Apple aren’t going to break up anytime soon.

Source: Pad 30.

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