Google is probably making Pixel Watch.

Picture of a smartwatch running an older version of Wear OS

Is the Wear OS Pixel Watch missing Apple Watch’s rival Android?
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The rumor mill has been teasing Android users for years. With the possibility of an Android smartwatch made by Google, and a new report suggests that it really could.

According to one Internal ReportsGoogle is working on a Pixel branded smartwatch that is comparable to Fitbit, after which many speculated that this could happen. Google’s acquisition of Fitbit It was finalized earlier this year. This means that the watch will probably be in a similar vein. Google’s Pixel smartphones, which showcase what Google software is capable of for other Android phone makers.

According to the reportThat smart watch is called “Rohan” in Google’s offices, that’s right! It’s round, not square like the Apple Watch, and it has no physical bezel. The watch is expected to offer basic fitness.Tracking features such as step count And a heart Rate monitor, as well as other features taken from Fitbit.. The internal report cites specific Fitbit integration through a product called “Nightlight”, another internal code name that tells us very little about what it can do.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It will be called Pixel Watch.. The code name “Rowan” has also been thrown around. A few times by Lakers Like John Praser, Joe Revealed What needs to happen Re-launches Google’s smartwatch in April (though who knows if they’re legitimate).

Google has been making major changes to its wearable division over the years. He got something. FossilTechnology And then bought Foot butt, And although it a Pixel watch At one point it seemed inevitable, the clock never worked. More recently, Google Rebranded Android based Wear OS software Platform And partnered with him. Samsung will move the latter watches from the proprietary OS back to the Wear OS.. Now you can have a new experience. Wear OS on selected smartwatches, including Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Watch sales have helped. Increase Android’s wearable market share in the last few months.

But all this is still not enough to move the needle to where it needs to be. Google has something unique to offer. To compete with Apple Watch, Which has dominated and pushed the market for years. Smart watches from phone accessories only In fully developed health devices.

Google will likely focus on what its data can do for your health and well-being. In September, the company disbanded its health division, but it looked like a reorganization as it moved on to other health initiatives. Rick Osterlov, head of Google’s hardware, Mentioned on Google I / O this year (And then in an interviewWith him the edge) That the company will strengthen its customer health efforts at Fitbit so that it can “grow and become together.” Hopefully, what they make is Android. A smart watch that is really wearable.


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