Google is killing bookmarks – no, not your browser bookmarks

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Google is killing bookmarks – no, not your browser bookmarks

Google is killing its old and practically unknown Google Bookmarks service. That’s odd, but Google Bookmarks is actually 2005 and will allow you to save a URL with a name, label, and scary cloud name, label, and note from around 2005. In fact, Bookmarks may contain some more recent data from you whether you use it or not, as Google seems to be pulling some information from the maps for starred locations. But, according to the service’s site header, Google Bookmarks “will no longer be supported” after September 30, 2021.

Before you get weird and ask: it won’t affect your Chromebookmarks, Edgebookmarks, Firefox Bookmarks, or possibly any browser bookmarks that you care about or know about. Also has

This news was seen by the infamous / famous / Makabri Killed by Google, Which made a note of the passage coming early today, and marked the death of an unusually long (and, I suspect, unusually low maintenance cost) service. By the time he dies later this year, Google Bookmarks will be almost 16 years old.

Google Bookmarks was basically an unknown, but it has been bleeding for some time. At the top of the cloud-based storage for your bookmarks (Self-Impressive Theft 2005), Google also provided features to interpret it in the form of notes and labels that can be searched and sorted, as well as running JavaScript. Bookmarks that you can use more quickly. And easily save bookmarks from your browser (although this last feature is now disabled.

Google bookmarks before his death, including a seemingly useless JavaScript booklet. Image courtesy of Wikimedia

If you see a ton of stuff in your Google Bookmarks account and you’re wondering what’s going on, there’s really a reason. Google seems to be either syncing or partially storing some of your starred locations right in Google Maps. There’s been some speculation that this could mean that Google Maps could die with the death of Google Bookmarks, along with starred locations, but you Probably No need to worry about this possibility.

For whatever reason, only “starred” places appear in Google Bookmarks. Other forms of Google Maps Location Saving, including Favorites, “Want to go”, and other saved and custom listings do not appear. It is true that those other forms of location saving spread after the original “starred” functionality, but it is unlikely that Google will be the longest way to migrate this data without migration routes. Take the car and possibly the safe havens of millions or billions of customers. Something in the vein Alternate explanations provided by killedbygoogle Attacks us wherever possible. Still, we’ve reached out to Google for more information.

If you are worried, you can easily export your saved bookmarks in the meantime, and later on someone will come up with a solution to re-import in maps. does Be with them. Just click “Export Bookmarks” in the site’s sidebar.

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