Google has introduced new eco-friendly search filters.

New filters in Google Search can help users find more eco-friendly options when it comes to travel planning and equipment purchases.

Google CEO Sundar Pachai announced that his company is working on a number of green initiatives, including an increase in search and maps, among other projects.

Learn more about the updates announced this week.

Find flights with low carbon emissions.

Google Flight Update will display information about carbon emissions directly in search results.

Starting today, Google will show an estimate of carbon emissions for almost every flight.

This information will be displayed in the SERPs according to the exact cost and duration of the flight.


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In addition to cost and time, travelers can now incorporate carbon emissions into their decision-making process., screenshot from October 2021.

Google will show the associated carbon emissions for each flight, allowing searchers to find low-carbon options if they wish.


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When consumers search for hotels, they will now see information about their sustainability efforts, such as waste reduction and water conservation measures, and whether it is Green or certified Earth Check.

Find eco-friendly devices.

Google Shopping Update will allow searchers to find the most eco-friendly options when purchasing appliances.

Searching for energy-intensive products such as kilns, dishwashers and water heaters will give suggestions in the shopping tab for the most sustainable options.

Eco-friendly routing in Google Maps

Starting in 2022 in the US and Europe, Google will highlight the most fuel efficient route when searching for a location on a map.

Google Maps is, screenshot from October 2021.

Thanks to insights from AI and the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), eco-friendly routing is now starting in the US on Android and iOS, with plans to move to Europe and beyond in 2022. with.

We estimate that eco-friendly routing has the potential to prevent more than 1 million tons of carbon emissions per year – equivalent to removing more than 200,000 cars off the road.

Google Maps will continue to search for the fastest route. If this differs from the most fuel-efficient route, maps will offer two options. Users can then decide which path they want to take.

Coming Soon: Light Navigation for Cyclists

Google says the use of biking directions on maps has increased by 98% in cities around the world.

To make it easier to ride a motorcycle, Google is introducing an alternative to standard turn-by-turn navigation called “light” navigation.

The light navigation mode makes it possible for cyclists to see important details about their route so that their screen can be viewed continuously.


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At a glance, cyclists can see the progress of their journey, their ETA and the height of the route in real time. Light Navigation will begin in the coming months wherever cycling navigation will be live on Android and iOS in the coming months.

Coming soon: EV Search Updates.

Google is making it easier to see hybrid and electric vehicle options, comparing them to gas-powered models, directly in search results.

These features will begin to arrive in the United States this year, with more to come in 2022.


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