Google has eliminated the strategy of maximizing conversions and maximizing conversion value

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Google has eliminated the strategy of maximizing conversions and maximizing conversion value

Advertisers will no longer see the exchange value bidding strategy for maximum conversions and search campaigns. Announced Thursday According to the company Announced back in AprilThe optional conversion target will be available with the CPA and the maximum conversion cost will be available with the optional target ROAS

Performance goals and related strategies. Photo: Google.

TCPA and TROS are coming to an end soon. “Over the next few weeks, you will no longer have the option to use the old target CPA. [tCPA] And target ROAS [tROAS] Bidding strategies for standard campaigns, “Google said in the announcement.” Instead, use the bidding update strategy by setting optional targets. This update applies only to campaign-level strategies. The portfolio bidding strategy will be updated next year.

This means that, over the next few weeks, advertisers will lose the ability to create new campaigns through the old TCPA and Truss campaigns, but existing TCPA and Truss campaigns will continue to operate as usual. – At least until Google moves the campaign. A new format sometime in 2022.

Why do we care This update will not affect bidding behavior: “Maximum conversions with a target CPA will be treated in the same way as bidding target CPA,” Google said, “Similarly, a target CPA The use of maximum conversion cost with ROAS will lead to bidding practices. ”PPC professionals should be aware of this change so they know how to create appropriate campaigns going forward. ۔

For now, the current TCPA and Truss campaigns will continue as usual. “We will notify these bidding strategies in 2022 before they automatically reshape them,” Google said. This bid will not affect bidding behavior.

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